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Andrew Golota big loser if the boxer with more opportunities in professional boxing?

Boxer with 43 years in professional boxing is no longer regarded as a grandfather all the more after a few year hiatus in boxing. Although these breaks our hero had a few in his sporting career. These returns were different finale, better or worse, but if another Andrew back to boxing has any meaning?
Golota is a very successful player in his collection has min. vice of the 1985 Junior World, 3rd place at the Seoul Olympics in the semi-finals where he lost to Korean because of injury. The main event at the beginning of his career was probably the fight against Riddick Bowe same. Both the fight ended as we all know a failure primarily because of the disqualification of how stupid, blows below the belt. Another chance to rehabilitate and supporters as well as his image was to fight with Lennox Lewis. The fight ended in the blink of an eye, but the entire Polish nation was waiting in front of TVs until late injured in fact. The fight could have been longer on the second day teleexpresie view. So the Poles mocked our best player so far in the heavyweight division ...Pole did not give up, and despite all the adversity of fate has won 6 consecutive fights.This allowed him to fight with Michael Grant. Andrew, who, despite a clear advantage over rival (2 times in the first round, Grant was counted) put in a 10 round fight, despite running with all the judges and refused to continue it. For all it was a huge surprise. In 2000, Golota repeated this feat with the legendary Mikeim Tyson. Already after two round of our competitor ran away from the ring and it would seem that his career is over nothing more wrong.And this has just three years after the first break in boxing won several battles, and got two chances for the title fight with Chris Byrd. In the opinion of experts Pole supporters won a duel. The judges announced the verdict, in which no winner and the fight ended in a draw.Many people were zniesmaczonych the verdict and said that Andrew cheated. So he got another chance to fight for the professional world championship with John Ruiz - he lost on points. Just as in the fight against Byrd verdict aroused much controversy but the fact was that Andrew once again lost.4 battle for the World Championship of Lamone Brewster ended in August just like Lewis.Quick knockout in first round, and there seemed to be that this is the definitive end of a career of professional boxer in the heavyweight division Golota.After 2 years, he proceeded to the next battle unexpectedly. Defeated lesser-known and significant players in 2008 with 40 years Andrew Ray Austienm lost. After the first round put a duel, because he injured his arm and was unable to continue fighting. At the end I took the fight with his countryman Tomasz Adamek. It was embarrassing, as if the elder Mr. (Golota) fought with his son. Adamek has dominated this fight was the consequence of a 5th round TKO.Andrew Golota had to find myself a job. TVN has occurred in neither of the show Dancing with the Stars taking the high 5th place.In recent times there is information that the Golota once again wants to return to boxing.The only question is whether we want to see again our hero from his childhood how quickly loses? How to escape from the ring and do not want to fight? What is awkward and slow? It has been 43 years old and you can see that what he had lost his best and for this słynął.Szybkość, strength , reflexes and particularly simple reportedly left the best of his time on convincing me świecie.Jedynym reason for your return is that you always wanted to walk away from boxing as a winner ... If, after this fight, of course, hopefully winning it would have to leave I can understandIt seems to me that continued returning to boxing is not much point even though I could be wrong ...

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